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About Me

Welcome! I’m Casey and this is, a blog about stewardship, discipleship, charity, leadership, faith, and (occasionally) coffee from this Millennial’s point of view. Horn Rimmed GlassesI spend the bulk of my time working, writing, reading, and generally enjoying more coffee and tea than I should. As a Millennial, I seek to engage my generation to a lifetime of Christian discipleship and service to our God and King.

Millennials. Who Are We?

Well, we are those who were born from 1982-2002. We are those who are sometimes stereotyped as self-absorbed or entitled. Some of us wear bowties, skinny jeans, or horn-rimmed glasses (bowtie for me). Many of us are very relational. Some of us are loners. Most of us use technology for instant information, communication, and transaction.

Some of us have never had a landline or cable. We’re ok with that, just don’t separate us from our mobile phones.

We grew up under educational philosophies which emphasized group work, teamwork, and crowd-sourced problem solving.

We came of age at the Millennium.

Stewards? What’s That?

You may be asking: what’s a steward? Isn’t that a fight attendant or food server at the White House?

A steward is a manager, specifically one who manages another’s property or estate. From ancient times, wealthy individuals would entrust the management of their estate to another who was tasked to run the business of that estate.

So, why do you call yourself a steward? Well, I’m a Jesus-fellower. I believe that everything I have, from faith to money to relationships, is a trust from God. I am only a manager of it all.

A Millennial Steward

A Millennial Steward. This was a natural conclusion for me: intentional living while exploring what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Discarding the self-absorbed, entitled, skinny-jean wearing stereotype, I strive to meet my fellow Millennials in the one place they demand and deserve: authenticity.

Thank you for stopping by.