Maintaining a Legacy

Family ShadowHow many of you noticed that my domain lapsed last month? Honestly, I considered just letting this all go. Over the past two years, millennial as a definition has grown less important to me. Rather, “husband” and “father” are much sweeter sounds to my ears than some generational affectation designed by some sociologist. Even so, I’ve put varying degrees of work into this blog over the past four years. And while I know that I’m succumbing to a bit of a sunk cost fallacy here, I’m not ready to let it fade quietly into the night, though I think all I will be able to manage is a long-form post once a week. [Read more…]

How To Engage Millennials (Even Hipsters)

Millennials. I promise we’re not inscrutable. But we are uniquely affected by the times in which we’ve grown up. The effects of postmodernity are all over us. So, how do you engage millennials?
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Lessons From Childhood | Integrity

This is the first part of a series entitled “Lessons From Childhood.” Each of these musings explore a principle I learned from my parents and grandparents. The first of these principles is Integrity.

In my father’s home the promise of a man’s word and a handshake were the ideal in integrity, for this meant a man could be trusted by his word and promise.

Grant Wood; "Parson Weems' Fable"; 1939; oil on canvas; Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; 1970.43

Grant Wood; “Parson Weems’ Fable”; 1939; oil on canvas; Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; 1970.43

The standard was simple: a man of integrity always keeps his word. [Read more…]

Welcome | What is all about?

wpid-headshot.png Welcome! I’m Casey and this is, a blog about stewardship, discipleship, and faith from this Millennial’s point of view. This site is devoted to musings on Millennials, discipleship, and stewardship. So, what is MillennialSteward all about? Glad you asked.

What is a Millennial?

Millennials. Such a buzz word.

Well, we are those who were born from 1982-2002. We are those who are sometimes stereotyped as self-absorbed or entitled. Some of us wear bowties, skinny jeans, or horn-rimmed glasses (bowtie for me). Many of us are very relational. Some of us are loners. Most of us use mobile technology for instant information, communication, and transaction. [Read more…]