Bowtie Selfies and 5 Lessons on Consistency

I know this sounds silly, but I did it anyways. I was challenged to post a daily picture of a bowtie selfie until I ran out.. just to see how many I had. So, I thought, what the heck? Why not. Normally, I am not a selfie person — I wasn’t expecting to learn anything from a bunch of bowtie selfie pics, but I have this habit of noticing trends, and wouldn’t you know it, I learned something.

The Challenge: A Bowtie Selfie A Day

bowtie selfie 1 bowtie selfie 2 bowtie selfie 3 bowtie selfie 4 bowtie selfie 5 bowtie selfie 6 bowtie selfie 7 bowtie selfie 8

First of all, I didn’t use every bowtie I own. I picked the eight best over two weeks (we have casual Friday at work).

The Lessons

  1. When you commit to something, people expect you to show up. Promises have tiny grace periods. People expect you to do what you say.
  2. Consistency is nourished on accountability. If I was even five minutes late posting my picture, I started getting messages.
  3. Consistency leads to recognition. The act of showing up every day at the same time with a new photo caused a modest increase in people interacting with me on social media.
  4. Consistent is better than perfect. That being said, if we wait for “flawless,” we’ll never be reliable. Doing something well doesn’t have to be the same as creating a masterpiece. Note: none of those photos come close to perfect.
  5. Consistency will translate into faithfulness. The choices and actions that we repeat over and over are the foundation of our character.


Good old fashioned playfulness can lead to surprising insights. Have you learned anything lately through play?